Two friends sat around a table one afternoon to talk. Their winding and lengthy conversation drew two common threads - a passion for sport, and a track-record of making performers out of people. The spark was lit as they set out to formulate their unique vision of how to scout, nurture, and look after the next generation of sporting stars.

Athlete Life Management

We are not just another agency. At BE we offer all the services you would expect from a best-in-class sports management team – making deals, negotiating contracts, arranging transfers. But we go further yet.

We define what we do as “Athlete Life Management”. The difference? From the very beginning, we work with our clients to map out their long-term career and life goals. We also focus on the individual, not just the athlete. By understanding what drives them, we help them define their future both on and off the sports field.

At BE we take the client–agency relationship to another level, because collectively, we understand the challenges and hurdles of modern-day professional sport. So, we work meticulously with each client athlete to ensure they can confidently face up to anything - with us alongside them.

We want our relationship to be the strongest it can possibly be, one based on much more than just professional ties, but also delivering long-term commitment to welfare.