We Go Beyond

Today’s footballers and fighters are rock stars, with legions of fans and followers around the world, and without whom they simply would not be.

What is more, these rock stars do not just spring out from nowhere. Every footballer, runner or boxer is the product of a community that has supported, encouraged, and developed their talents. So, when they achieve success, it is only natural that they will want to give back.

Grassroots to Gratitude

We help to identify the issues they are most passionate about; the causes that pull on their heartstrings; the problems in communities and across society that they want to help solve.

We then work with them, to leverage their profile and status, so that they can make a meaningful, impactful, and lasting difference.

We call this promise, Grassroots to Gratitude...

What We Offer

Deal Making

  • Arranging transfers

Contract Negotiation

  • Full legal representation
  • Bespoke terms

Public Relations

  • Media training
  • Social media
  • Mentoring


  • Psychological support
  • Safeguarding against addiction or practice abuse
  • Crisis Management

Financial planning

  • Bespoke financial advice
  • Planning for a sound financial future

Post-career planning

  • Identifying interests and passions
  • Developing strengths
  • Opening up future opportunities

Lifestyle Management

  • Security
  • Transport & reservations
  • Exclusive access
  • Travel & leisure
  • Personal shopping
  • Education
  • Commercial management
  • Day-to-day


  • Sourcing product sponsors
  • Sourcing financial sponsors
  • Establishing brand partnerships
  • Developing activation opportunities

Athlete Marketing

  • Bespoke marketing plans