There is really no debate that of all the individual and team champions associated with their respective sport, we have boxing to thank for the greatest champion of all.

Boxing heroes have incredible tales of sacrifice in the face of severe hardship. Above all other fighting disciplines, boxing demands more. It forces a fighter to dig deeper and deeper within themself.

Regrettably, despite the sacrifices and hardships, boxing as we know it today is not equal. There is a need for parity so that the spoils of the industry are spread out below those at the most elite level.

At BE we are committed to fighters at the amateur and professional level. We are also determined to ensure the hardship they endure is compensated fairly, with professional and commercial success – that is our promise.

Paul Webb

Head of Boxing
Paul is responsible for leading the BE Boxing charge. Passionate about the sport, Paul is focused on developing the next generation of future boxing stars, working with amateur and professional fighters to help them fulfil their potential.
In addition, Paul is driving the 'thinking outside the ring' mentality to bring boxing to new audiences and new fans .


Boxing is one of the oldest sports known to man. With other combat sports such as MMA attracting widespread following and attention from a new generation of fans – boxing must evolve to stay relevant and viable.

Our Boxing Team are looking at ways we can do things differently. How we can make the sport more attractive for fans and the next generation of fighters. Afterall we must practice what we preach, in doing so we aim to take boxing beyond entertainment. To a place where it can make a real difference in society.


Boxing Scout
Michael aka Dowie, is a qualified personal trainer specialising in strength and conditioning, and nutrition advice for professional and amateur athletes.

Dowie has decades of experience in this field, having owned and operated his own gyms where he trained athletes at all levels. At BE Dowie wears two hats. He is responsible for identifying and scouting new boxing and MMA talent, but with a passion in the psychology of the athlete, Dowie is also the Boxing and MMA team mentor, helping and supporting BE athletes through the challenges of life.


Our scouting network and prospect identification mechanisms mean that we can spot the most promising talent.

The boxing world is a small one, so we build relationships with all stakeholders from the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBC) right down to individual clubs and trainers embedded in local communities.

Our portfolio of athlete services means that we can tend to any requirement of the modern-day boxer. From traditional services such as contract negotiation and lifestyle management, through to safeguarding to ensure health and well-being is pre-eminent.